How to embed 360° videos on your websites

Where should I upload my 360-degree videos? How do I share and embed them on my websites? These are common questions from many content creators that we spoke to. Social Media like Facebook and Youtube support 360-degree videos, however embedding them on websites is not that easy.

You may find these errors when playing the embedded videos on web browsers.
Facebook: “360 Video is not yet available for this devices”. YouTube player also cannot play 360-degree videos inline. On iPhone, the video is stretched like the picture below:

2015-12-20 17.58.45
Error while playing 360-degree videos on web browser: “Facebook 360 Video Unavailable. This video can’t play in this browser”

Video stretching problem when playing 360-degree videos on iPhone
Video stretching problem when playing 360-degree videos on iPhone

This is due to 360-degree unique characteristics that native video players do not support. To fix these errors, AdsOptimal built our own creates cross-platform 360-degree player. You may find examples of uploaded videos on our 3DX Homepage.

Here is what embed 360-degree videos look like on our websites:

We are opened for public to test this new embed 360-degree player. Are you ready to embed your cool 360-degree videos on your websites? To upload your videos and photos, go to VR Optimal. We are here for you to answer questions if you have. Contact us at [email protected]