How to Distribute 360° Video Ads on Facebook

Brands are increasingly using 360° content to help tell better stories. But how exactly should brands maximize their scale after they’ve invested in producing immersive 360° content? The answer: distribute their 360° video ads on Facebook and across the web for maximum audience reach.

To reach a targeted audience at scale, many brands are turning to Facebook to distribute their 360° content. This post breaks down the different ways you can distribute 360° video ads on Facebook, as well as more broadly distribute 360° video across the web to get maximum scale for your branded content.

How to Distribute 360° Video Ads on Facebook

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There are two options for distributing your 360° video content.

Post on your Company Page for your followers

Upload your 360° video just as you would any photo or video on a ‘regular’ Facebook post.

According to Facebook, if your video was recorded with a camera system that doesn’t add 360° metadata or if you want to set your video’s initial orientation (i.e., which ‘frame’ the video starts playing in), click on the Advanced tab before publishing. Select “This video was recorded in 360° video format” and select “360 Controls” for setting the orientation.

You can read this Facebook post for more guidance. And this article on using Facebook 360° posts.

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Sponsor your Page’s 360° post for extended reach as an ad

Once you’ve posted an update to your Page, you can choose to boost the post to viewers outside of your Page’s followers. When you’re logged in as the Page’s admin, you can select this option on the post itself using the “Boost Post” button.

Select your target audience and desired budget. Facebook will then distribute across that audience’s Newsfeed as a Sponsored Post.

How to Broadly Distribute Your 360° Video Ads Beyond Facebook:

Distribute your 360° Ad on Facebook AND Snapchat AND Pinterest

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Distribute your 360° Video Ads on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, AND across the Web

Take your content outside social platforms and distribute across the web on premium publisher inventory. 360° video ads can now be accessed by audiences who are scrolling through popular sites like the Huffington Post (see below), USA Today, the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and more.

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