5 Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know in 2019

Digital marketing is becoming more and more advanced, with new tools coming out by the minute. These are the 5 digital marketing terms to know and stay on top of in 2019.

Conversational Marketing

Definition: A 1:1 method of communication between a company and its customers to help shorten sales cycles.

It’s all about personalized, two-way communication. As customer expectations increase, customer success is critical to ensuring that any customer questions, requests, or confusion is addressed promptly. How are marketers addressing this? Through conversation.

There are two key ways marketers are using conversational marketing: 1) Messenger Bots and 2) Live Chat.

Messenger bots use automated messaging software powered by AI to converse with people. Many brands are deploying this software on Facebook.

digital marketing terms conversational marketing
KLM uses messenger bots on Facebook to help keep passengers informed

Live chat use real people who converse with customers in real-time.

digital marketing terms live chat
Drift is a live chat platform that enables website visitors talk to staff in real-time

Keep tabs on this digital marketing term, especially as investment continues in the space and AI becomes more sophisticated.  

Immersive Advertising

Definition: Advertising that utilizes immersive content formats such as 360° video, 3D models and photos, and VR/AR experiences.

Flat content doesn’t cut it. Ads that use immersive formats such as 360° video perform almost 10X better than flat, 2D content. Why? Because the content better engages audiences and helps brand messages stick. And marketers are taking notice, especially in 2019.

This kind of content isn’t just relegated to a headset. Immersive ads can be distributed across the web as display ads on desktop and mobile, just as any other ad.

See this example from Sony Pictures:

digital marketing terms immersive advertising

Preview the ad here

A/B Split Testing

Definition: Using controlled settings to test  marketing variants such as a landing page, copy, etc.

digital marketing terms a/b split testing

As data continues its rise in informing business and marketing decisions, A/B Split Testing has become a powerful tool for marketers.

By providing concrete results on what works, marketers can make that much more progress on their various goals, such as conversion rate optimization, increasing newsletter subscribers, etc.  

Stay in the know on all things AR, VR, 3D, and 360° advertising 

Lookalike Audiences

Definition: A similar set of potential customers on Facebook based on an imported existing audience.

digital marketing terms lookalike audiences

Chalk it up to sophisticated audience targeting for the rise of Facebook. As marketers seek to reach new audiences that still fit their target criteria, they can use Lookalike Audiences.

By importing an existing list of customers, Facebook will create an audience with similar features to distribute ads to, thereby guaranteeing a better targeted and relevant audience.

Note: LinkedIn launched Matched Audiences, in the same vein as Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences (though some say it’s even better).

Engagement Rate

Definition: The rate at which audiences engage with an ad or piece of branded content (measured in clicks, view times, tilts of phone if 360°, etc.)

As the internet becomes cluttered with content, marketers need to focus in on the quality, not quantity.

This means creating branded content and marketing campaigns that compel their target customers to engage with the brand authentically.

A post that draws 5,000 engagements is more valuable than a post that reaches 20,000 and only draws 500 engagements. An ad that is served millions and millions of times means nothing if the CTR isn’t high and audiences don’t engage with the ad or its Call-To-Action.  

Engagement isn’t just a critical digital marketing term; it’s a full-on strategy.