Destination Marketing: What it is and how to do it

Tourism has developed into a multi-million dollar industry over the years and both governments and private communities encourage tourists to visit some of the most popular destinations around the world. However, as more and more tourist destinations are discovered, it calls for targeted destination marketing campaigns to be launched to attract greater influx of tourists paving way for the industry to thrive more than ever.

What Is Destination Marketing?

Destination marketing refers to marketing campaigns that are aimed at promoting a certain destination which could be a city, town, region or even a country. The aim of these marketing campaigns is to increase tourist influx to the destination being marketed.

3 Examples Of Destination Marketing

There are hundreds of success stories to share about destination marketing from all over the world. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

British Columbia

The popular promotional video series “The Wild Within” really makes for one of the best examples of destination marketing. It helped British Columbia rise and shine as a tourist destination. The videos are full of poetic language and picturesque sceneries demonstrating how good a destination it could be for tourists.


Hawaii uses rich media like lush photography and 360° video to show the off beauty of its many islands and the different activities one can do.

Take its promotion of its beaches and paddleboard surfing in Oahu on its website,

The destination marketing organization (DMO) also offers free trip planner guides in exchange for potential visitors’ emails, which it uses for email marketing campaigns.

St. Pete Clearwater 

Destination marketing agency Miles Partnership used OmniVirt’s VR Player technology to create an interactive 360° VR experience to market Central Avenue, a bustling downtown street in St Petersburg Clearwater in Florida.

destination marketing st pete 360
Click image above to explore the interactive 360° content of Central Avenue

How To Best Market Your Destination

If you are into destination marketing, there are a few things that you can do to best market your destination. Be it a beachfront condo building, a resort, or an entire city, using the following destination marketing tactics can help.

Showcase Your Destination Using Different Content Formats

When you have to market a destination, you have to give a visual feel of the place to your target audience so that they develop a desire to actually live the experience. For that, you can rely on several content formats and use them creatively to showcase your destination. These can include:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • 360° VR Virtual Tours
  • 360° VR Storytelling

All these options can give a real feel of the destination to all the prospects if used wisely. Use them to portray each and every attraction of your destination in a creative manner.

Distribute That Content Across Social Media, Your Website And Paid Media

Your marketing content needs reach.  You have to distribute your creative across social media, your destination’s official website and any other paid media options available to you so that they can reach everyone who’s looking.

Take advantage of the advanced targeting options of social media platforms like Facebook, so you can make sure you get better ROI on your spend by targeting the right demographic and interests of your target customers.

Measure Results And Optimize

Determine the impact of your destination marketing campaigns so you can iterate for the next one.

At the same time, figure out ways you can optimize your campaigns to achieve better results. For example,  you can optimize Google Ads campaigns in real-time. Identify any opportunities to improve and run A/B tests to help understand your results.