3D Photo Depth Maps: Compilation Part 2

Below is Part 2 to our first 3D Photo Depth Map Compilation article (which contains 20+ depth map examples!). Here you’ll find even more depth maps along with their transformed 3D Photos.

1. Story Book

This image was transformed into 3D using the contents within the book as the foreground. Depth was added to the water and the trees in the image so that they were set apart from the bound book and the sky. This gives the image a mystical effect.

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2. Stranger Things



In this eerie TV poster, the title and season number at the bottom make up the focal point of the image which is made clear by the lightest shading. The subject follows close behind with a slightly darker shading so that she appears in the foreground as well. The background is shaded slightly darker so that the subject and the title pop out of the poster.

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3. Black Mirror

To bring this TV poster to life, depth was added to the subject’s face to make his facial features appear to be more realistic. The title and date information at the bottom were given a lighter shade in the gradient in order to allow them to pop out of the screen.


4. The Lion King

The goal of this 3D photo was to have Timon come to life the most. The background and movie title were shaded just a bit darker to ensure that Timon was the focal point of the image.

5. RIP iTunes

This depth map make use of gradients to help enhance the spherical shape of the trash can.