Tutorial: How to Create 3D Photos For Facebook

Want to create a 3D photo using your own 2D image? Use the OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator.

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Facebook launches 3D Photos

Facebook recently launched 3D photos for News Feed and VR.

3D Photos bring image content even closer to being more realistic and engaging. 3D Photos transform regular images into ones with depth and movement.

See this example of a 3D Photo of Albert Einstein below:

3D Photos are cool …
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Albert Einstein. Original photo by unknown
Depth by Luck Nawaporn (OmniVirt – VR Advertising Platform)

Posted by OmniVirt on Thursday, October 25, 2018

For marketers, 3D photos represent a world of possibility because the format allows for sharable visual content that is inherently more engaging.

A Solution Outside of iPhone Portrait Mode

However, there is a catch.

Facebook allows you to create 3D photos using a dual lens smartphone capturing images in Portrait Mode…aka the iPhone 7 Plus and above.

While nice and simple for consumers, marketers and businesses are using high-quality marketing images with text, graphical overlays, etc. that aren’t necessarily captured in iPhone’s Portrait Mode.

Which is why we created the 3D Photo Creator. We want to help you create 3D Photos using any of your 2D content.

See examples below:

So, we created a tutorial to help you convert your 2D images into 3D Photos.

OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator Tutorial

1. Prepare your 2D image

Mona Lisa 3D Photo
Sample Photo [Download]
Ensure your photo is in JPG or JPEG format. We recommend a photo with dimension 3024 x 4032px (portrait) or 4032px x 3024 (landscape).

2. Upload your 2D image to the OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator

3. Upload a depth map

Mona Lisa Depth 2
Sample Depth Photo [Download]
A depth map is a layer of information that captures the distance between the foreground and background of the image. This is what enables the movement and dimension in a 3D Photo.

To learn how to create a depth map from our image, you can use any photo editing tools such as Photoshop. Read a tutorial on how to do this here.

4. View your Live Preview and Save your 3D Photo

After uploading the depth map, you’ll see the live preview of your 3D Photo. You can Save 3D Photo on your local machine to then post onto Facebook.

Merge 2D Photo with Depth Map to Create 3D Photo
Merge 2D Photo with Depth Map to Create 3D Photo

Note: Our live preview feature is still an early version,  so don’t worry if the preview resolution or 3D effect feel off. Simply test your 3D Photo on Facebook and set privacy to “Only Me” to see what the experience will look like.

5. Post your 3D Photo on Facebook

Once you got your custom 3D Photo, simply transfer the file to your phone. Log into your Facebook account and select “3D Photo” from Facebook’s Post menu.

(If you couldn’t find your photo listed as Portrait photo, you might need to check at the top and at the bottom of your photo album).

For more info, please follow the instructions below to share on your Facebook profile and/or Fan Page.

Posting 3D Photo to your Facebook Profile

Note: To upload your 3D photo, you’ll need either an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max.  3D Photos can only be uploaded on mobile from these devices (Required by Facebook)

Ready to start creating 3D Photo?

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