This VR Developer Monetized 24 VR Apps

Romale Game Studio monetized its line of VR apps with in-app advertising using OmniVirt’s Ad Network. We talked to the head of Romale Game Studio, Roman Pušnik, about his experience as a VR app developer on monetizing his work. 

Meet Roman of Romale Game Studio

Here are some key takeaways:

On his ad placement philosophy:

“Most of my VR games are rides or roller coasters, so it’s best to put fullscreen ads at the end of the ride. I plan to make a bigger shooter game in the near future, and I will likely use other types of ads, such as billboards (native flat ads in the VR environment)*. I always play the game before deciding where to put ads, as that is the only way to ensure I don’t overdo it.”

*OmniVirt’s Ad Network allows developers to integrate either interstitial (full screen takeover) or virtual billboard ads. 

On when to use fullscreen ads:

“In most cases, you can show ads after the user successfully completes a level, as they are happy and won’t mind seeing a fullscreen ad. In my other VR games, I show ads only if it won’t interrupt the experience. If you put them in the middle of the experience you will probably get tons of 1-star ratings with bad reviews.”

On monetization strategy:

“I offer paid VR games on iOS as well as free VR games GooglePlay monetized with ads. My reasoning for this strategy is that the average iPhone user is much more likely to buy a game than an Android user, and that the Google Play market is so large and has many users that would never buy a game.”

On developing ride games for Cardboard:

A few years ago when I started to make VR games for Cardboard those were the easiest to make. After a few games, I realized that with Cardboard most users are not spending more than a few minutes playing a game. That is why I was mostly making just rides and roller coaster rides. Cardboard users want something simple and fun to play. This will probably change with Oculus Go and other similar headsets.

VR Water Park Ride Pack from Romale Game Studio

On choosing OmniVirt:

OmniVirt is the best option out there. I tried two other VR ad companies, but they had problems with low fill rate, and their SDKs took too long to integrate. I integrated ads from OmniVirt into my first game in less than 20 minutes – that means a lot when you have as many games as I do. I would recommend OmniVirt to other developers.”

Bonus: Roman’s favorite Romale Game Studio VR app:

“I would probably have to go with VR Deep Space Exploration.”

VR Deep Space Exploration from Romale Game Studio

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