Cathay Pacific and OmniVirt launch industry-first interactive VR marketing campaign

Renowned airline Cathay Pacific flew to new heights over the holiday weekend, running the world’s first interactive 360º video advertisement. Although interactive 360° photo has been pursued in the past by other companies, the airline’s use of this interactivity in their 360° video VR marketing campaign marks a significant leap forward in immersive advertising.



With one tap on a mobile device, prospective travelers are transported into a luxurious 1st class cabin. As they experience the various delights of elite travel, they can actively engage with their surroundings. 360° video has been consistently adopted by major brands due to its significant lift across all key campaign metrics. [1] Given the additional layer of interactivity, this new format promises even greater benefits (see a live demo here).

“We love working with partners like Cathay Pacific that are leaning into new formats and new ways of engaging their customers,” notes Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt. “We know brands and consumers are excited by immersive 360° VR content experiences and we have built our platform to make it easy for both creators and viewers to experience this content.”


How does it all work?

The experience relies on OmniVirt’s proprietary hotspot technology which enables non-technical content creators to set triggers that viewers can interact with throughout the 360° video. Currently no other 360º video player or advertising platform can support this advanced functionality – let alone distribute content across all existing web channels.

The campaign will run over the coming months across major web publisher like Conde Nast Traveler and social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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