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Apple’s latest AR play majorly impacts marketers. Here’s how

June 21, 2018


Last week at WWDC18, Apple launched ARKit2, its update on the “world’s largest” augmented reality development platform. Brands like IKEA and Lego have taken advantage of the first version of ARKit, experimenting with buzzworthy branded AR apps. ARKit2 takes branded AR a giant leap forward, enabling marketers to move from quick hit experimentation to launching […]

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OmniVirt + Google Webinar: How to build and distribute high-performing 360° VR advertising campaigns

June 19, 2018

google webinar

We hosted a webinar with Google on how to build and distribute high-performing 360° VR advertising campaigns. This article gives you the download on all that was discussed during the webinar and presents details on Google and OmniVirt’s joint advertising packages. We hope you find it useful! Webinar Recording Webinar Key Takeaways Why do 360° […]

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VR Player FAQs

June 18, 2018

Uploading Content What types of files can I upload? We accept 2D photos and videos, and 180° and 360° photos and videos. What file formats are accepted? We accept files that have the extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4 (H.264 recommended). What is the max file size I can upload? If you have a starter account, […]

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Tutorial: How to showcase vehicles in interactive 360° VR

June 14, 2018

showcase vehicles in vr

The automotive industry has been a leader in using interactive 360° VR content to help prospective buyers get a better sense of what it’s like to own a given vehicle. Brands like Ford, Toyota, and Infiniti have all used OmniVirt to market their vehicles and brands (see more here). This tutorial provides best practices and instructions […]

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Augmented reality examples marketers won’t want to miss

augmented reality examples

Sticking to what you know is comforting, but in the marketing industry, it won’t get your brand noticed. Here are game-changing augmented reality examples from brands who want to be seen. AR in Retail Sephora Virtual Artist Sephora introduced a “Sephora Virtual Artist” iOS app that allowed customers to experiment with makeup products, finding the […]

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3D Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

June 13, 2018

3d ads example

What is 3D Marketing? 3D Marketing adds a 3-dimensional, interactive, layer to a regular 2D advertisement. Customers are able to interact with the 3D product through dragging and orienting the object. Imagine buying a new pair of loafers online. Swiping through a gallery of angle shots of the product is frustrating. In this case, customers […]

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Product Update: Enhancements and New Features for Hotspots

June 12, 2018

interactive 360 hotspots

Building in interactivity with hotspots takes a regular 360° photo or video to the next level. We want to help you take your interactive 360° content even further. Team OmniVirt is excited to announce enhancements and new features for hotspots on our platform. We want to help you uplevel your interactive 360° photo or video through […]

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VR Distribution: Overcoming its challenges and why it’s worth it

June 7, 2018

VR Distribution 101 You have this captivating experience, a 360° tour around a 50,000 square foot mansion, a VR virtual trip around East Asia, or 3D banner advertisement of the new Tesla Model 3. How can we see it and which outlet is optimal for VR Distribution? VR Distribution in Headsets VR/AR headsets, such as […]

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Tutorial: How to Creatively Use Interactive Hotspots

June 2, 2018

interactive hotspots

360° VR content helps give audiences a sense of agency by allowing them to actively engage with where to look next. Interactive hotspots take this a step further, by directing audiences to additional content. Content creators have used hotspots as a way to build virtual tours, switch up narrative structures, and/or provide information about a given […]

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How OmniVirt’s 360° VR Player compares to other players in the market

May 23, 2018

vr player

360° VR content is proving to be the next best tool for SMBs and enterprises looking to revitalize their brand storytelling and product marketing. Businesses ranging from local tourism boards to multinational auto manufacturers are investing in 360° VR content to help boost brand awareness and sales. The Distribution / Embedding Challenge But once businesses […]

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