Can I use the iPhone XR to post 3D Photos on Facebook?

UPDATE 5/22/19: Using the OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator, you can now post 3D Photos on Facebook using images taken your iPhone XR.  Learn how HERE.


Alas, we really wish. We get asked this question all the time:

Can I use the iPhone XR to post 3D Photos on Facebook?

No. Currently, Facebook does not allow uploading 3D Photos from the iPhone XR.

To post a 3D Photo on Facebook, Facebook requires an iPhone with dual camera lenses on the rear. The iPhone XR has only one rear camera lens compared to other models’ dual lenses cameras. These cameras capture the depth data that Facebook uses to construct a depth map through Portrait Mode photos.

Here’s what’s odd: the iPhone XR can actually take Portrait Mode photos (it has the True Depth Sensor) so technically, Facebook could render these photos, but they haven’t allowed access to singe camera phones to do this yet.

So what iPhones can I use to upload 3D Photos?

You can use the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

What are the ways to create a 3D Photo?

Note: This whole article has focused on uploading 3D Photos. But you can create 3D photos using ANY image.

Two ways to create a 3D Photo:

  1. Facebook rolled out 3D Photos to encourage folks to upload their Portrait Mode photos, which Facebook can automatically render as 3D Photos. So you can take a Portrait Mode photo using the iPhone models above and upload.
  2. OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator Tool. Let’s say you have a different phone or want to post a 3D Photo of an image that wasn’t taken on your phone. Use our free tool to create a 3D Photo by merging a depth map.

iphone xr 3d photo omnivirt tool

One slight catch: you still need one of the above iPhone models to upload–borrow a friend’s!. And no, Android isn’t supported yet.