Best VR Marketing in Entertainment

At OmniVirt, we own VR marketing: we work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR technology to increase brand engagement and drive more sales with their marketing campaigns. Here are our picks for the best VR marketing in entertainment.

1. ABC: Time After Time 360° Trailer

ABC drives tune-in and awareness of Time After Time series with a 360° VR trailer on the Yahoo! homepage. It’s an excellent example of upping the ante on a typical show trailer by using the power of 360° VR to inject more emotion (and creepiness) into the show’s feel.

2. Star Wars: Behind the Scenes of Rogue One

Star Wars gives fans the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a battle between rebels and stormtroopers in VR.

3. Game of Thrones Location-Based VR Experience

Framestore VR Studio built a VR experience for Game of Thrones fans that incorporated the Oculus Rift and a built a moving set: wind machines, an elevator, etc. to recreate a pivotal Jon Snow scene of entering Castle Black.

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Daydream Experience

Framestore VR Studio again built a VR experience for a film, this time using the Google Daydream headset. Users can dive into Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase and explore different ‘fantastic beasts’.

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