Best Branded Virtual Reality iPhone Apps

In the last couple of years, many brands have developed virtual reality iPhone apps that have transformed brand experiences and customer engagement. See our picks for some of the top branded VR apps.

1. The New York Times VR App

The New York Times marked a milestone in VR journalism when it delivered one million Google Cardboard viewers to its subscribers. Available on the App Store, NYT now enables iPhone owners to immerse themselves in a 360-degree video experience of trending stories. They are virtually transferred to the center of the action, right alongside NYT journalists.

2. Sundance VR

Sundance was among the foremost film festivals to feature VR content back in 2012, with ‘Hunger in Los Angeles’. It has since stepped up its game and created a VR app that lets users experience some of the most compelling stories from independent storytellers, all of which are featured at the festival itself.

3. Rhapsody VR

This app enables music lovers to share the stage with their favorite artists. The longstanding streaming service made this app to provide personal ‘live-music’ experience to subscribers.

4. Discovery VR

Discovery features beautiful videos about nature and adventure on their VR app. The use of VR works particularly well to help audiences place themselves in a new environment.

5. Hyundai VR+

Fans of racing can enjoy the adventure of driving in the World Rally Championship in Hyundai’s VR app, in addition to testing out the experience of owning a Hyundai vehicle.

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