See our picks for the best uses of VR in real estate.

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours

When buying a new house, every client wants to visit his/her new house before making the final purchase. However, this requires time investment for both client and real estate agent. Instead, VR enables clients to take immersive tours of homes from the comforts of the real estate office.

Construction Plans in VR

When beginning the daunting process of remodeling a new space, it can be difficult for clients to get on the same page as the construction team when trying to understand how the new plans translate into the new space. Instead of using paper plans that require more visualization and thinking, construction plans can be communicated via VR by creating 3D displays of the plans, enabling clients to easily visualize how the plans will become the new space.

Staging / Furniture Placement

Clients find it useful to envision how a space will look and feel when making their purchase decisions. VR can provide this digitally at scale without the need to invest in furniture and staging services.

VR Accuracy is better than Photos

A common complaint clients have is that real estate photos do not accurately represent the actual properties. Because VR captures an environment in 360, it’s much easier for clients to “place themselves in the room” and get a better sense for the space compared to flat images.


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