Online marketing is an absolute essential for business success in the internet age. But slapping blog posts on your site isn’t good enough anymore — you need to incorporate online advertising in a manner that will actually yield increased traffic and, more importantly, an increase in conversions. Accomplish just that by keeping the following best practices and performance marketing approaches in mind:

Incorporate Facebook

Online marketing no longer depends solely on top search engine results, although excellent placement on Google is still a goal worth pursuing. But now, webmasters can also focus on social media as a tool for attracting and retaining a dedicated customer base. In order to truly grow website traffic through the assistance of Facebook, you’ll need to focus less on re-posting content from your website and more on developing campaigns that actively engage your internet audience. Do this, and not only will your ability to grow traffic improve; it will do so at a lesser customer acquisition cost.
Any time you submit a search on Google, a sidebar filled with paid marketing results accompanies the primary query results. These ads are otherwise known as paid search. Designed to fit seamlessly with user’s specific preferences and online viewing habits, your paid search advertising will yield an impressive ROI in exchange for a relatively modest marketing spend. In this way, your investment in paid search should be returned tenfold, provided you’ve developed a website worthy of targeted search engine users’ time.
Content Marketing
Ultimately, the purpose of your paid search and social media efforts is to drive users to your website. But as explained above, if your site lacks meaningful content, visitors will be inclined to click away long before you can hook them on a promoted product or service. Well-crafted content, however, keeps internet surfers returning again and again, enhancing the potential for greater conversions and a more successful yield optimization. There’s a reason why, as Nielsen reports, 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared every day — content marketing is a strategy that, when correctly implemented, greatly enhances a company’s overall online marketing efforts.
Email Marketing
No, the age of email is not over, and yes, this can still be an effective online marketing strategy. The key is to offer recipients plenty of excellent deals while not sounding like a Nigerian scammer. Keep in mind that, as readers shift to mobile web formats, your email marketing strategy will need to evolve to incorporate mobile web advertising.
If you’re sick and tired of the marketing effort, why not get some other expert to complete the work for your? That’s the basic thinking behind affiliate marketing, in which affiliates are awarded each time new visitors stop by websites or use them to make purchases.


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