The 6 Best Banner Ads of 2018 (So Far)

As banner ads compete with other engaging digital content (and other ad formats), brands and agencies are working hard to flex their creative muscles in an effort to stand out (ban banner blindness!). And some have managed to do just that. We compiled a list of the best banner ads of 2018 (so far!).

Best Banner Ads #1: Jet splashes with color

best banner ads 2018 jet

Jet’s banner ad is simple and relies on three things 1) a bright color that is on brand and 2) simple copy, and 2) product image that fully explains exactly what the product is without taking too much space.

This gives the vibrant purple room to breath and more importantly, drive eyeballs to its CTA.

Best Banner Ads #2: TravelNevada goes 360°

best banner ads 2018 travel nevada

TravelNevada’s 360° banner ad clicked through to a full 360° video featuring scenic scapes of Nevada.

The banner ad slowly pans around the full content sphere, beckoning eyeballs. See demo here

Best Banner Ads #3: Nissan Personalizes Your Thrill

best banner ads 2018 nissan

Nissan’s banner ad showcases its Juke vehicle, allowing users to click on different colors to see how they would look on the vehicle.

Think the Nissan looks better in red? Test and see! Nissan’s ad feels more like an experience versus click-bait—it adds value to the consumer.

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Best Banner Ads #4: IKEA resizes

best banner ads ikea

Ikea hones its message of solutions for any space by cheekily alluding to the space of its banner.

The home goods and furniture retailer almost makes it too easy to click on their banner ad.

Best Banner Ads #5: Takis goes 3D

best banner ads takis

Takis goes 3D in its first to market 3D banner ad. Users can click and drag on a 3D branded object or just move their phone to rotate it.

See demo here.

Best Banner Ads #6: Mission: Impossible 360°

best banner ads mission impossible

Paramount Pictures used a 360° banner ad to promote the release of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout film starring Tom Cruise.

Like the TravelNevada banner ad, the ad automatically pans around the full 360° image–this time, featuring Tom Cruise performing a helicopter stunt.

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