The 5 Best Interactive Ads

With all of the immersive technology that we have so readily available to us, why should our ads be flat and two-dimensional? These 5 companies have mastered the art of immersive advertising and have taken interactive ads to a whole new level.

1. Takis

“Are You Takis Enough?” To better reach a younger customer base inundated by increasingly cluttered online content, Takis wanted to deliver ad creative that jumped off of mobile phones just as its brightly-colored bags of chips jump off the supermarket shelf.  

To do so, Takis turned to two interactive mediums: 360° VR and 3D. Using this technology they then launched three different interactive ads.

The most notable of the three interactive ads is the 3D Display ad. Users move their phones or click and drag on the computer to play with a 3D model of the iconic bag of Takis chips. This 3D ad boasted a CTR of 7.7%.

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interactive ad- takis 3D


2. Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is an interactive ad campaign that took the world by storm in 2012 and advertisers are still in awe of its power and reach today.

Metro Trains in Australia needed a way to approach young people about the potential dangers of public transportation. To do this, they knew that they needed to be creative to reach younger audiences that didn’t want to be explicitly told what to do.

Metro Trains released a slightly morbid, but extremely catchy music video that immediately went viral. The video featured animated cartoon characters and was quite literally about different dumb ways to die.

The song was then put on iTunes where it topped the charts, and soon after a mobile game was released that received over 200 million downloads–becoming the number one free app in 21 countries. As a result of these interactive ads, Australia saw a 21% decrease in rail accidents.


3. Home Depot

Home Depot recently launched an interactive ad campaign that featured “Built-in Pins” on Pinterest. Oftentimes Pinterest is used to showcase beautiful room decor before and after photos — but never the A to B.

This sparked a revolutionary new ad idea that allowed users to jump into a Pinterest pin to view four different rooms throughout the entire renovation process. Users were also able to explore finished rooms in 360° that were completely shoppable within the pin. Clicking on any element of the room would direct the user to Home Depot’s site to purchase the object directly.

This ad campaign consisted of over 60 unique pins that included shoppable, 360° content and how-to instructional content. The interactive ads garnered 36 million video views and 350,000 clicks-to-site, making it one of the most prominent social ad campaigns that Home Depot has ever launched.


4. Coca-Cola Drinkable Ads

Coca-Cola launched an innovative and interactive ad campaign to entice users to drink more Coke Zero. What better way to do this than to put the drink into the ads? This led to the exciting creation of Drinkable ads.

Coca-Cola partnered with Shazam to allow users to record TV or radio ads that would prompt a picture of a glass of ice on the user’s phone screen. Using Shazam, the user’s phone would listen to the ad of the Coke Zero being poured and their glass would fill accordingly. After the glass was full, the user would receive a coupon that would allow them to get a free Coke Zero at a variety of major retail stores across the US.

interactive ad- drinkable advertising

Through these interactive ads, Coca-Cola realized that millennials have an incredibly hard time resisting the chance to try out a new product experience when given the chance. They reached their initial goal and were able to serve 75,000 bottles of Coke Zero though this campaign. They also garnered a reach of 130 million views through their social media and traditional media events.


5. Snapchat Lens AR ads

Snapchat AR interactive ads

Snapchat has recently launched a self-service tool that allows advertisers to create their own AR lenses. These ads are extremely interactive as they invite users to literally “try-on” an element of the brand experience.

Taco Bell was one of the first to blaze the trail of Snapchat AR advertising with their Cinco De Mayo lens. This AR lens allowed users to turn themselves into a taco in celebration of the holiday.

Taco Bell’s ad is one of the most successful in Snapchat’s history, resulting in over 224 million views in one day. The average user played with the ad for approximately 24 seconds before sending the image as a snap. 

Taco Bell AR Lens