Best 3D Photos of the Week

Every day, thousands of 3D photos on Facebook are being created. We have scoured the internet to find the best 3D photos of the week. Let’s see if you agree with our picks.

Natalie 2

Natalie 3d photo on facebook

Credit: Charles Barnard

Not only are the colors in this 3D portrait stunning, but the flawless movement of ‘Natalie’ is very realistic. The depth of Natalie’s facial features make her look human and that is what makes this 3D photo so extraordinary.

The depth map of this photo was created carefully with the elements of the human face in mind. This is a fantastic example of the power of 3D technology to bring flat images to life.

The Avengers

avengers 3d photo on facebook

Credit: Jim Monroy

The only thing cooler than the Avengers are the Avengers in 3D. This 3D-ifyed movie poster captures the action of the upcoming movie and incorporates each character’s weapon.

The weapons in combination with their fierce facial expressions in 3D make for an exciting movie ad. Converting already dynamic images into 3D makes them that much more interesting and realistic. Action is best conveyed in 3D! That is what makes this one of the best 3D photos on Facebook this week.


Basketball Player in 3D

basketball 3d photo on facebook

Credit: Andreas Schneider

This 3D photo is entirely different from the other two winners but it’s equally as captivating. This artistic image of a basketball player serves many purposes.

1. It’s unique.

This 3D photo stands out on Facebook because it’s not a typical picture snapped quickly with portrait mode. The cartoon has clearly been designed which makes it interesting to stop and look at.

2. It feels like a game.

The way that this 3D photo has been designed makes it seem like a playable game. It appears as though the user can tilt their phone in a certain way to shoot the basketball into the hoop.

The interactivity of this 3D photo makes it one of the best on Facebook this week.

Stay tuned for more roundups of the best 3D Photos on Facebook.