Top 10 3D Images on Facebook That Will Wow You


The ability to post 3D images is one of the newest and most innovative features that Facebook has released to date.

Many news feeds are now inundated with 3D images as users are constantly testing out the new technology.

To cut back the 3D image clutter, we’ve highlighted the top ten 3D photos that we think are both captivating and effective.

Learn how to create a 3D image

1. Winter Pine

If you’re looking for 3d images of nature, look no further.

This snow-covered pine in this 3D picture is so reminiscent of the holiday season and it appears as if you could reach out and touch the tree branch.

Snapping this photo with the pine branch in the foreground was an effective tactic to make the branch appear to be sticking straight out of the user’s screen.

3d image 1 pine tree

Credit: Allison Proctor

2. Football Season

The best part about these photos is you can see 3d images without glasses thanks to Facebook’s inventive new format.

This 3D image was posted on Facebook days before the annual big game. It was an exciting reminder of the fun-filled Sunday to come, and football fans were excited to share an immersive 3D image that puts the user onto the field.

The action captured in this image is what makes it so special. A flat, 2D photo would not have gotten that same exciting message across.

3d images 2 football

Credit: @OmniVirt

3. Corgi at the Park

This 3D photo was expertly taken using portrait mode. The user followed photography rules of thumb and properly demonstrated “the rule of thirds.” 

The Corgi is situated in the foreground in the cutest position with the scenic park in the background. Similar to the football photo, this image has the ability to give that user the same feeling of being at the dog park with the photographer.

3d images 3 Corgi

Credit: Tosca Lee


4. How to Train your Dragon Movie Poster

This 3D image is a bit more commercial, but it’s still just as captivating and effective–if not more so. This wasn’t an official DreamWorks advertisement, but what better way to make a message come to life for a movie about flying dragons?

Unlike the other portrait mode images, this 3D image was created using OmniVirt’s 3D creator tool which combines a 2D photo with a depth map. This means that the designer was able to pick and choose which elements to give depth to. Definitely a captivating way to portray a brand message!

Tip: When creating a 3D photo, use HD to help ensure your resolution and quality is the best.

3d images 4 How to Train your Dragon

Credit: @OmniVirt

5. Cefalù– Sicily, Italy

The realism of this 3D image has the power to teleport its viewers straight to Sicily. It appears as if you could jump into your screen to walk straight through this beautiful rocky tunnel.

3D Photography tip: snap photos that invite the user into the experience–this will make the 3D image that much more alluring when depth is added.

3d images 5 Italy

Credit: Stef Brajter


6. Terrain

This moving image of mountainous terrain varies drastically from the other 3D images on this list. This designer took a unique approach and used Facebook’s technology to create a 3D geographical model.

This is another great application for this 3D technology! It allows the viewer to explore this depiction of mountainous terrain in an interactive way using Facebook’s 3D Post format.

3d images 6 Terrain

Credit: @3DPost3D


7. Rocky Beach

This 3D image exudes serenity and peace. The stone-covered beach is a beautiful depiction of relaxation and it’s an even more effective in 3D.

It was a smart photography decision to capture the stone stacks in a staggered formation so that the image appears to have natural depth.

3D Photography Tip: If the photo doesn’t naturally have elements of depth–create them.

3d images 7 Rocky Beach

Credit: Wijaya Randu


8. Game of Thrones

This 3D image was posted in celebration of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. This was a fan-created poster turned 3D.

As it turned out, Game of Thrones fans and other Facebook users alike enjoyed engaging with this dramatic 3D photo of the Night King. Again, who doesn’t like to see dragons that actually fly? The smaller details of this interactive photo make it incredibly captivating and it also served to incite that feeling of excitement in many eager GoT fans.

3d images 8 GoT

Credit: @OmniVirt


9. Mallorca, Spain

This beautiful sunset scene would have been a great capture before, but transforming it into a 3D image gave it so much power. 

The photo was snapped from a height that gives the best opportunity for depth–the rocky sand, ripples of waves and the shades of colors in the sky are all visible. After the photo was made 3D, these layers turned to magnificent depth that places the viewer onto the beach.

3d images 9 beach

Credit: @Dino3DPhotos


10. Bulldog

This image takes the typical portrait shot to a whole new level. This adorable bulldog is facing the camera head-on which makes for the perfect portrait mode picture.

Everything else in the photo is less important which is depicted as it all melts seamlessly into the background of the image. As a 3D photo, the viewer can see the different detailed angles of the bulldog’s wrinkled expression.

3D Photography Tip: A stellar portrait mode photo will oftentimes also make a stellar 3D photo.

3d images 10 bulldog

Credit: Rosangela Wittwer


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