5 Bulletproof Automotive Marketing Strategies

Read our picks for 5 bulletproof automotive marketing strategies that will help you boost sales and brand awareness.

Build An Effective Website that Ranks on Local Search 

With internet being the driving force behind customer behavior, you have to maintain an effective online presence to outsmart your competition and ensure your automotive marketing efforts are worth anything.

A large number of customers will come looking for you through your business website if you have optimized it for the right keywords specific to your business. Just make sure that you keep it user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Once you have your site, ensure you have a Google My Business profile to help build visibility on Google Maps and Google Search, especially if you’re aiming to corner the local auto market.

automotive marketing google my business

Use 360° Content to boost your automotive marketing 

Customers are increasingly spending more time researching auto options, even before a visit to the dealership.

In doing so, potential customers are looking for ways to evaluate vehicle choices to help filter options before they head to the dealership.

As a marketer, the best option for you is to provide your prospects with this kind of information is through 360° content.

You can take your customers on a virtual tour of a vehicle to give them an exact idea of the thing they are going to buy. Immersive automotive marketing is the way to go.

Read our tutorial on how to showcase vehicles in 360°.

Launch Paid Social Media Campaigns 

In today’s age of internet and technology, social media continues to be a strong marketing platform. Running creative promotional campaigns on social media can always go a long way in boosting your sales.

When it comes to the creative, consider lead generation forms on Facebook, test drive videos on YouTube, and interior photos on Pinterest.

When it comes to targeting and measuring the effectiveness of your automotive marketing campaign, take advantage of the advanced targeting tools to best target your customer.

For example, make use of Facebook pixels so you can retarget your website visitors.

Measure your campaign’s effectiveness so you can optimize for the next one. What was your cost per acquisition? Is this less than your other marketing channels?

Provide added value to your customer 

If excellent service is part of your value proposition, consider providing a car clinic or free service check-ups for potential customers and use the time to nurture that lead.

If offering expertise on the technical aspects of a vehicle is part of your value proposition, consider content marketing. Creating e-books or guides and distribute them with email marketing to help your customers make better-informed decisions.

Everyone likes a special deal 

Offer personalized discounts based on a potential customer’s unique needs–go beyond just blanket deals. If they’re extra worried about servicing fees, offer a loyalty program (3 fixes, 4th free).

If they’re excited about the sound system for road trips, add one additional sound system feature for free.

Make your customer feel special and cater to their needs. This engenders loyalty and a good review for your next customer.