AR and 3D Ad Examples

As augmented reality continues to pique the world’s (and marketers’) interest, we put together a list of AR and 3D ad examples of how brands are using immersive technology in their advertising and marketing. 

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3D Ad Examples

3D Ads on Mobile/Web

On mobile or desktop browsers, users can scroll and instead of passively scrolling through display ads (#bannerblindness), they can view a 3D ad that features a virtual object of a given product.

3D Objects in ads don’t need to be limited to modeling physical product. Virtual objects can be can also be used to launch users into an overall 360° advertising experience that focuses more on brand experience. The sky’s the limit with the creative. OmniVirt is here to help.

Billboard 3D Experience (outside of Mobile/Web)

While 3D advertising is gaining steam because it encourages interactivity, we also wanted to highlight a fun example of an “off-screen” 3D ad. Coca-Cola put together a 3D robotic billboard in Times Square that uses moving blocks to change the flatness of the billboard and create a dynamic movement. Forget flat. Go 3D.

AR Ad Examples

“Try Out”

AR typically uses the camera lenses to overlay digital objects onto the real world (to “augment it”). Brands have used this to help place their products in the real world to help users test and try out products in their environments, focusing on dimension and scale. Furniture brands have succeeded with this more utility-based ad function, but other verticals are testing it out as well.

One limitation is surface detection. As of this writing, 3D AR objects can only be mapped onto flat surfaces (horizontal or vertical), and not things like hands or bodies (which makes clothes try on a little difficult). Digital objects can be mapped onto faces with advanced face detection technology, however (see next example).

Web Selfie Filters

Snapchat filters are the most obvious examples, but to help brands expand their reach outside of the walled garden of Snapchat, OmniVirt can create AR selfies that can be accessed anywhere on the web!
AR ad

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