Behind An Adidas Ad: Best, Worst, and Most Creative

Adidas is a household brand that has impacted our society for generations. From pop-up shops to print campaigns, they have launched a variety of notable Adidas ads and some were more effective than others.

We broke down the good, the bad, the ugly–and the most creative of Adidas ads over the years.

Best Adidas Ads:

Fearless AF

Adidas ad: fearless AF

This empowering Adidas ad was released right before the 2017 NYC Marathon. The short film portrays the stories of 6 female runners that defy gender norms and stereotypes by being bold, fierce and “fearless AF.”

This commercial makes the “Best of Adidas Ads” list because it goes past the point of just empowering women by also celebrating the accomplishments of those who were able to defy all odds to achieve their dreams.

The ad incorporates voiceover audio of a man doubting the abilities of women as the camera pans across successful women like supermodel Karlie Kloss; the first female Boston Marathon runner, Kathrine Switzer; three-time NYC Marathon winner Mary Keitany; ultramarathoner Robin Arzon; track & field coach and art therapist Jessie Zapo; and Olympic distance runner Jen Rhines.

There Aren’t Plenty of Fish in the Sea Anymore

Adidas ad: there aren't plenty of fish in the sea anymore

Adidas teamed up with Parley to create the first sneaker line made out of plastic removed from the ocean. This unique and powerful Adidas ad promotes the partnership.

The tagline, “there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea anymore,” is a recognizable and impactful slogan that will encourage customers to seek out more information about the product.

The ad itself is visually appealing which makes the viewer feel less like they are looking at an ad and more like they are looking at a piece of artwork. The different shadows and lights also give the illusion of depth which makes the visual more immersive. This print ad was one of the best Adidas ads of 2018!

Worst Adidas Ads:

Be Faster: Derrick Rose

Adidas Ad- Derrick Rose flat

There is nothing inherently wrong with this Adidas ad–there are just elements of the ad that could be improved. As is, this ad is pretty flat and pretty boring. There isn’t anything too creative about it, and it’s not very memorable.

The only interesting visual in the graphic is Derrick Rose. So the only thing that the viewer will probably remember about the ad is Derrick Rose –not the shoe. Incorporating a few more engaging features into this ad could drastically add to the campaign’s effectiveness.

This is an example of an engaging 3D Nike shoe ad:

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If Adidas had used 3D technology like this, they could’ve brought this flat ad to life.


Most Creative Adidas Ads:

“Just Browsing Thanks.”

Adidas ad: just browsing thanks

This Adidas ad takes the cake for being the most creative as it incorporates many different advertising mediums. This ad campaign began with a pop-up shop in the UK that invited the public to try their luck at jumping 10 feet high to grab a pair of new Derrick Rose sneakers.

This physical campaign was paired with interesting print ads like this one below that advertised both the special event and the shoe release. The ads were artistic and had phrases on them like, “just browsing thanks,” making them a conversation piece.

The creativity of this Adidas ad came from the different mediums that went into the creation of this campaign.

Creativity is the Answer

This out-of-the-box commercial really goes above and beyond to establish Adidas as a brand that embraces originality. The commercial features 56 A-list creatives from across the globe, coming together to share their narratives around the overarching theme of the World Cup.

The commercial was artistically shot and seamlessly edited in a way that makes everyone in it seem boldly original. This aligns perfectly with Adidas’ brand message which is all about celebrating uniqueness and creativity.  

To fully understand the power of the campaign, you’ll have to watch for yourself. But it concludes with the theme that creativity is the answer.