5 Emerging Content Marketing Trends That Will Take Over

Over the years, we have seen various content marketing trends emerge as content becomes more integral to the marketing mix. With almost 89% of all businesses reporting that they’re taking advantage of content marketing today, it is critical to stay on top of emerging content marketing trends to ensure that investment into content yields the right returns.

Content marketing offers better engagement and conversions while being cost effective at the same time as well. In addition, more and more people are now using ad-blocker software around the globe which means effective content marketing is a good bet when it comes to spreading your company’s message around.

Here are five emerging content marketing trends that will take over.

Content Personalization

Most companies today use analytics for customer segmentation so that they can be accurate in targeting particular customer groups. Obviously, personalizing your content according to the needs of your specific target audience can help grab their attention better.

Different customers need different content based on their unique needs and place in their purchase journey, which helps the speed their process through the inbound funnel even more.

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360° Videos

360° Videos are gaining in popularity as a content marketing tool. The immersive technology allows consumers to better control the perspective as they watch things happening in a broader content sphere. Content truly sticks when delivered in 360°.

360° content certainly has its implications when it comes to online shopping. However, marketers can use it in whatever way they like for portraying their brand for the better, just like they did in the 360° video for Honda Civic. It is always hard to switch away from the video that you’re actually part of.

Google’s own test run of 360° Videos suggests that when such marketing content is used the CTR is higher. It garners more subscribers, views, and shares. Offering a first person experience, more and more marketers are switching to 360° Videos this year and beyond.

Super Niche Content

With lots of content being produced and shared on the internet, it’s really important that you create content that automatically stands out. When the content focus is narrowed down, it’s sure to gain traction. So, with current market saturation, marketers need to:

  • Create content that is extremely creative and is more likely to go viral
  • Drill down to the smallest of niches to create specific content

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Live Videos

For last few years, live videos have been more noticeable in digital world and things have got intensified ever since.

The time Facebook users spend watching the live videos is thrice as that of the traditional ones. So, that certainly shows how important live video should be in context of other content marketing trends.

Live videos can be anything like Q/A sessions, unboxing or demonstrations, live interviews, conferences, cover events, etc.

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Diversification Of Content Formats

Content production is not just limited to blog posts anymore. Studies reveal that, on average, companies are using 8 different formats for content marketing today. The ones used most commonly are social media content, infographics, blog posts, white papers, e-books, and email newsletters.

Repurposing content messaging helps distribution of that content in different formats.

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