4 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Taking Over

We live in a world of continuous innovation, especially when it comes to ever-changing digital marketing trends.  It’s important to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant and rock your marketing objectives:

Digital Marketing Trends  #1: Chatbots

digital marketing trends chatbot

Chatbots are an AI-based technology that utilizes “bots” to chat with individuals in real time and are always available to answer queries at anytime of the day. Chatbots are designed to be able to provide all information customers need at all times, using natural language.

Companies with offerings from high tech to CPG all utilize chatbots to help drum up customer success and quickly send back any qualified leads to salespeople…all in real-time. Popular chatbot companies include Drift and Intercom, which have been paving the way for conversational, real-time AI to enable sales.

Digital Marketing Trends  #2: Voice Search

Voice search is another digital marketing trend that is being extensively used to promote sales in 2018. Voice assistants like Google and Alexa have been enhanced to perform better in recent times and they come with the advantage of having voice prompt for their searches and results. This makes them more attractive for digital marketing and some top firms have started leveraging on their distinct advantages.

Brands should optimize their offering messaging to rank in voice searches, and think of ways to incorporate voice into utility-based experiences with their offering that enables faster sales.

For example, British online supermarket Ocado created an Alexa app to enable customers to order groceries by voice command, boosting its point-of-purchase options (see above image).

Digital Marketing Trends  #3: 360° VR Video

With 360° VR Videos, businesses use a new medium as an opportunity to showcase their products in all dimensions on the internet and allow customers to experience the brand immersively. Brands such as Toyota, CVS, Netflix, and more have all invested in 360° VR video to tell their brand story.

It’s no gimmick: 360° VR ads are found to perform better, too, by delivering almost 300% higher CTRs. See more performance statistics.

Digital Marketing Trends  #4: Influencer Marketing

digital marketing trend influencer

Another digital marketing trend that continues to grow in prominence is using influencers to market products. The influencers being employed are usually paid to market products on multiple platforms on the internet. They could range from celebrities to popular bloggers, social media stars, etc.

Why influencers? Influencers act like knowledgeable friends, recommending an offering from their personal experience. Audiences feel connected to influencers because influencers focus extensively on creating unique relationships with their followers that seem more authentic.