4 Best 3D Photo Apps of 2019

Last year, Facebook launched a revolutionary 3D Photo feature that users have been excitedly trying to replicate ever since. 3D Photo apps are on the rise for both IOS and Android, but which apps are the most useful? These are our top four picks:


Fyuse is a free spatial photography app that allows smartphone users to both capture 3D photos and also share them with other users within the app. In order to snap a photo in 3D, the user walks around the object, model or scene that they want to capture. The app then takes the short video and transforms it into an immersive 3D Photo.

Fyuse also features an app within iMessage so that the user can text their finished 3D images directly to their friends.

This 3D Photo app has accumulated over 15 million users over the last few years and with the rise of 3D Photos this year, Fyuse has attracted a massive following in 2019.

Fyuse 3d Photo app example 1


OmniVirt’s free 3D photo creator tool allows users to easily transform their own 2D photos into 3D. The user can either upload their own 3D photo depth map or use OmniVirt’s AI which will generate one based on the appearance of the 2D photo.

OmniVirt 3d Photo app example 2

After the 3D Photo is generated the user can save it and upload it to Facebook using the 3D photo uploader. This is the only 3D Photo app that allows users to download the content and share it on Facebook as an interactive 3D Photo. 

Advertisers can also make use of OmniVirt’s 3D photo creator by transforming their uploaded 3D content into a display ad on the same platform. With this 3D photo creator tool–anything can be turned 3D. 

OmniVirt 3d Photo App


PopPic is a popular 3D camera app that makes capturing 3D Photos quick and easy. Unlike Fyuse, there is no need for the user to move their camera around the object–the app will do the work automatically once the photo is taken. 

PopPic 3d Photo app example 3

Any iPhone users with a dual camera lens can capture 3D photos with PopPic. This 3D Photo app also features filters that users can apply to their photos directly within the app. After these images are created, the user has the option to save to their camera roll or share their 3D photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. However, note that the 3D photo can only be shared outside of the app as a still photo or as a video. 



This 3D Photo app puts a unique spin on the typical capabilities of a 3D camera app. The camera will capture a “moving picture” that will mimic the appearance of a 3D photo. This 3D Photo app is targeted towards teenagers and young adults, so the filter options within the app will have a more retro and trendy feel. Like PopPic, the user can also save their creations or share them across different social channels as a short video.

Film3d 3d Photo app example 4

This Ottowa-made app topped Canadian photo and video app charts when it was released in 2018. As this technology becomes more popular, we can expect to see even more 3D photo app developments enter the IOS and Android space.