How to Create a 3D Effect in Photoshop (for 3D Photos)

There’s nothing cooler than seeing a 3D effect in your pictures.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you TWO simple ways to add in a 3D effect to your images using Photoshop, so you can go from flat to stereoscopic.

The two ways are:

3d effect for anaglyph and 3d photo on facebook

  • Creating an Anaglyph Effect in Photoshop (you know, that super cool red and blue /red and cyan effect that begs an image to be viewed with 3d glasses, like in 3D movies at the theater)
  • Creating a Depth Map in Photoshop for 3D Photos you can post on Facebook

As a reminder, 3D Photos on Facebook look like this:

3D Anaglyph Effect

Let’s start with the Anaglyph effect.

3D Anaglyph Effect 60 Second Tutorial

  1. Open your image in Photoshop
  2. In your Layers Panel, make a copy of the background layer and name that copied layer “3D”
  3. Click on the Layer Styles icon and select Blending Options
  4. In the three Channels checkboxes (R, G, B), deselect G and B
  5. Select the Move Tool in the toolbar and nudge the layer named “3D” slightly to the left!
  6. You’re done! The blue tone will automatically appear because blue is the opposite of red.

Now that you’ve learned quickly how to make a flat image be viewable through 3d glasses, it’s time to learn how to convert a flat image to be 3D without ANY glasses needed.

This is where 3D Photos come in.

And they will knock your socks off.

3D Effect for 3D Photos on Facebook

3D Photo Tutorial in 60 Seconds

3D Photos allow you to convert a 2D image into a 3D picture, by creating a 3d effect that highlights the background and foreground of a picture.

You can view this by tilting your phone or hovering your mouse on desktop to get the following cool effect:

3d photo display ads coke example

Read our full tutorial on how to create 3D photos for Facebook (including how to upload onto Facebook via iPhone!) and follow along using our free creator tool and 3d editor.

To start, you need to create a depth map on Photoshop. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a 2D image (ideally an image with natural foreground and background distinction)
  2. Open the image in Photoshop and convert the coloring into grayscale so you can begin creating a depth map
  3. Slice different layers based on which objects you want to appear in the foreground and background
  4. Color each of those layers to assign depth: the lighter the gray, the more that layer will be in the foreground. The darker, the more that layer will be in the background!
  5. Once you have your depth map created in Photoshop, you can merge the depth map with your 2D image using the OmniVirt 3D Photo Creator so you can see your 3d effect. depth map creation 3d effect Read for our top 4 picks for 3D photo apps for more!