3D Ads: How you can advertise in 3D and up engagement

3D ads have arrived.

Here at OmniVirt, we work with brands and agencies in various industries to help them leverage VR/AR technology to increase brand engagement and drive more sales. We believe in immersive content. And now, we’ve created an ad format that allows users to test out and play with branded objects in 3D, right from their phone or desktop.

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3D Ads encourage interactivity

Facebook announced an enhanced version of their 3D posts that accept the gITF 2.0 file format for 3D objects. This is exciting news: more users will become accustomed to interacting with 3D objects as part of their daily digital lives. Advertisers should be the most excited. Using 3D objects in advertising asks users to play with ads instead of passively scroll past them. “Thumbing” through a 3D model of a branded character could deepen brand awareness for an upcoming film and contribute to a greater experience of a brand…because the user is literally experiencing the brand by choice (by thumb?). Seeing a 360° view of a physical product can help users visualize the product better which surely beats those magnifying glass buttons.

3D ad
Our 3D ad unit for Takis

Engage outside the walled garden of Facebook 3D Posts

Facebook 3D Posts can and should be a part of an advertisers’ immersive campaign strategy. But distribution outside of the walled gardens of the platform doesn’t need to be a barrier. OmniVirt distributes campaigns across the web with technology that enables powering a 3D ad experience on any web property. A potential customer scrolls through the NYT mobile app, encounters your brand’s 3D ad, and chooses to pause and play around with a branded 3D model. Talk about guaranteed engagement.

3D Mobile Ads or 3D Ads on Desktop

Your 3D ads can be accessed on mobile or desktop when #PoweredByOmniVirt.

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