How to Create a 360° Virtual Tour

On OmniVirt’s platform, creating a 360° virtual tour is as easy as taking some pictures and clicking a few times. Unlike YouTube and Facebook, which do not support interactive content and are not optimized for mobile viewing, OmniVirt has integrated interactivity in the form of clickable hotspots.

Some key features include:

  • Easy-to-create — Interactivity can be added to any 360° photo or video without any coding. Simply drag and drop hotspots into the experience and link to regular video, images, or other content on OmniVirt.
  • Advanced options — Hotspots can be fully customizable. Developers can program custom interactive behavior using JavaScript and CSS.
  • Host and embed — Deliver the experience on your websites or mobile app (iOS and Android) with a fully responsive embed that fits into your application.
  • Supports VR mode — Hotspots can be gazed-through in VR mode which can be viewed by Google Cardboard or other VR headsets.
  • Supports a broad range of formats — including 360° video, Stereo 360° video, 180° 3D, Panorama and 360° photo.

Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to making a 360° virtual tour

(If you’d like to watch a video tutorial instead, check out our video on making a 360° virtual tour)

1. Capture a 360° photo or video for each point in the virtual tour (check out this guide to 360° production for tips on cameras and shooting)

2. Sign up and upload your content at

360° Virtual Tour: Dashboard Upload New Content3. After your content is uploaded successfully, select ‘Edit’ for the photo/video corresponding to the start of your tour, and select “Hotspots” tab.

360° Virtual Tour: Hotspot Editor

4. Place a hotspot for each of the places the user may go next, making sure to select “content” as the hotspot action – this allows you to choose the corresponding 360° content you’ve uploaded.

360° Virtual Tour: Hotspot Action - Content

Tip: If using video, make sure to consider the time within each video to show the hotspots.

360° Virtual Tour: Hotspot Action - Content

5. Customize each hotspot with a label, making it easy for the user to decide where they’ll go next!

360° Virtual Tour: Customize Hotspot

360° Virtual Tour: Customize Hotspot - Mountain

6. Once each piece of your content has hotspot(s) that allow the user to tour your space, you’re done! Publish your content!

And, just like that, you have a full-blown 360° virtual tour ready to go. The next question is how will you distribute this experience. Luckily, OmniVirt is a leader in 360° VR ad campaigns. You can launch your campaign using the very same dashboard. For case studies and more information, check out our website.


Here’s an example if you’d like some inspiration!

Statistics & Advanced Functionality

Once your VR tour is live, your next question will likely be about data. Are users engaged with your story? Are they interacting with the hotspots that you have created? Once again, we have you covered here.

Simply visit the “statistics” page in your account and see how people are actually experiencing your interactive story. In addition to standard metrics (impressions, views, clicks, time-spent), our analytics platform will also provide you with data and statistics on how each hotspot is performing.

OmniVirt also provides advanced functionality within our platform for those customers that need more flexibility and design beyond our templates. Functionality in our advanced options includes, but is not limited to:

  • JavaScript programming — Program your own custom interactions using JavaScript.
  • Custom hotspots — Ability to hide our standard hotspot design and overlay your own design using CSS.
  • Custom presentation card — Design presentation cards to whatever design works for your creative using HTML and CSS.


OmniVirt provides an easy-to-use tool as you have seen above to make your 360 interactive experiences. We have seen many brands and content creators take advantage of this part of our platform and encourage you to reach out ([email protected]) if you have any questions.