HTC Vive WebVR

How to Watch 360 Videos on HTC Vive.

Hardware you’ll need:

  • HTC Vive Headset and cables
  • At least one base station and its cables
  • A computer with a graphics card powerful enough (see SteamVR Performance Test)

If you have all of the above, then you probably have SteamVR working with your HTC Vive. If you don’t, click here to learn how to setup SteamVR with your Vive.

Step One: Download an Experimental Web Browser

There are currently two web browsers with WebVR capability, Google’s Experimental Chromium (recommended) and Firefox’s Nightly.

Step Two: Set up the browser for WebVR

If you downloaded Chromium:

  1. From Chromium, navigate to chrome://flags#enable-webvr Find ‘Enable WebVR’ and click ‘enable’.
  2. Navigate to chrome://flags#enable-gamepad-extensions Find ‘Enable Gamepad Extensions’ and click ‘enable’.

If you downloaded Nightly:

  1. Download version 1.02 of the openvr_api.dll file from the OpenVR Github Repository:
    1. Click here for 32-bit
    2. Click here for 64-bit
  2. In the Nightly browser, navigate to about:config
    1. Change the value of dom.vr.openvr.enabled to true.
    2. Change the value of gfx.vr.openvr-runtime to the full path of the openvr_api.dll file.
  3. Navigate to about:preferences and uncheck “Enable multi-process Nightly” under Startup
  4. Restart Nightly

Step Three: Enjoy VR Content on your HTC Vive

  1. Launch SteamVR, and make sure your Vive is in the ‘Ready’ state.
  2. Go to the Omnivirt content you want to see (example: and click on the VR icon in the bottom left.
  3. Enjoy!

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