Create 360° Video VAST tag

Power 360° video VAST across your preroll/VAST ad units

  • 360 video pre-roll provider that supports mobile browser (iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet)
  • Support your existing video technology (BrightCove, Ooyala, Freewheel, etc.)
  • Support standard VAST/VPAID/IMA ad tags

It is hard to imagine a world where your YouTube video link doesn’t work on your device or your browser. But that is the world we are living in today with VR/360 content. With the growth in popularity of 360° video content, publishers and brands alike have been frustrated by the lack of standards and support across all platforms for their videos.

That is why we at OmniVirt have created a very simple solution to support 360° video hosting and cross platform playback that works on every browser and every device. Check out 3 simple steps below:

1. Upload your 360 video on

360 video vast - upload on OmniVirt

2. Grab your 360 video ID from the URL
Create VAST Tag - Grab Content ID

3. Get your VAST tag from the URL below URL template.

* replace ID with your video id that you grabbed from step 2

Example VAST/VPAID tag can be found below:

Test your VAST tag

To test your 360 video VAST tag, visit one of following video inspection tool:

Your 360 video VAST tag should works on both mobile and desktop.
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