Use 360° Video on Brightcove

Power 360° Pre-Roll across all of your Brightcove managed inventory

  • Embed 360° video in your default Brightcove tag settings. No setup change is required
  • Serve 360° video on any Brightcove supported format, such as VAST, VPAID, or in-line display
  • Self-serve platform available. Verify today with a sample tag on Brightcove Ad Preview tool

With the growth in popularity of 360° video content, publishers and brands alike have been frustrated by the lack of standards and support across all platforms for their videos. It is hard to imagine a world where your YouTube video link doesn’t work on your device or your browser. But that is the world we are living in today with VR/360 content.

While many publishers are following Brightcove to manage and support their video content across all of their platforms, Brightcove’s 360° player does not support playback on mobile devices. That is why we at AdsOptimal have created a very simple solution to support 360° video hosting and cross platform playback that works on every browser and every device.

We can host your video or integrate directly with your existing Ooyala technology stack to ensure that your audience doesn’t run into annoying broken VR experiences when they finally get to your 360° videos.

Find more information about displaying 360° video on Brightcove at our website: