360 Video Advertising [Problem Solved]

360 Video Advertising Made Easy


Several weeks ago, The New York Times VR Film “The Displaced” won the Lions Entertainment Grand Prix at Cannes. Since then, more brands and publishers are leaning into virtual reality than ever before. However, as brands and publishers invest into VR and 360° video production, distribution of this content is emerging as a real challenge.

Google Cardboard with custom design for participants

Today, agencies are building specific Google Cardboard apps for campaigns or uploading these videos to Facebook and YouTube hoping that the content will get seen, not realizing that these players don’t actually support 360° playback off of their platform. At AdsOptimal, we are excited to share that we have solved this distribution challenge for both brands and publishers.

360 Video Advertising

Whether you are looking to promote your 360° Video and VR content or looking to increase CPMs on your site by offering premium VR ad formats, than you should check out what we have built. We made all 360 video advertising possible for you.

Our 360° Display Banner allows brands and agencies to launch their audience right into their 360° content experience from any display ad unit, anywhere on the web. As long as you have a 360° video or photo we can programmatically promote that content to whatever audience you want through any ad network.

And if you are a large publisher looking to offer a VR/360° ad product that you sales team can go to market with, we can integrate our display and pre-roll formats into your existing ad server.

360 Video Advertising Made Easy. Let us know how we can help.

Brands : Promote your 360° Video and VR Advertising
Publishers : Increase CPMs with Premium VR Ad Formats
Creators : Host and Distribute Your 360° Content Across All Platforms

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