The 3 Types of Online Ads Taking Over the Internet

As consumers’ attention spans shorten and the internet becomes noisier, brands are continuously looking for a way to break through that noise. New types of online ads have helped brands build new creatives to help reach their customers and make their messages stick.

The 3 Types of Online Ads Taking Over the Internet

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads go a step beyond a flat image or text ad. And as far as types of online ads go, they’re multi-faceted. A rich media ad might include advanced features like animated graphics and video or it may focus its creative energies on having multiple calls to action and/or interacting with the web page differently.

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An example from Mixpo

360° Display

360° display ads take flat content and make it spherical. Even more so, it enables audiences to engage with content in new ways. When a user moves her phone, she can explore the content through a magic window experience. The phone becomes her portal into a brand’s experience, leading to deeper engagement and better performance. 360° display units increase CTRs by 300%.

Inline Video

Video continues its rise as one of the most effective types of online ads. As audiences consume more and more video content whether on YouTube, Snapchat, Netflix, or more, advertisers are looking for ways to bring branded video content more easily to audiences. Inline video does this by placing video ads within web pages (“inline”) to maximize audience reach.

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