10 Showstopping Display Ad Examples You Can’t Forget


Put it simply, these following display ad examples are what every display ad should be. These next 10 examples show a unique take on how to produce engaging banner ads that manage to both capture and keep their audiences’ attention. Here they are:

1. Pringles: Endless Banner 

Winner of the gold Cyber Lion at Cannes, this Pringles ad takes us to Marketing 101 – tell a story.

With just 1 picture and a few words over 97 slides, users are encouraged to click on the ad to follow a story that takes them on a long-winded and very strange journey. It starts simply with a man proposing to a woman whose arm is in a Pringles can and ends somewhere after the ad jokingly asks “Are you bored” *next slide* “Because you keep clicking this.”

The simplicity of the display ad example combined with the amusing one-sided banter was enough to win Pringles an award at Cannes.

pringles display ad

2. Takis: Are You Takis Enough?

This 3D Object Display ad features a Takis bag model that users can drag to shift and turn the object.

While seemingly simple, it was actually supremely effective. It boasted a CTR of 7.7%. The brilliant thing about the CTR is that the clicks then led users to Takis new ad, which kept the users engaged in different mediums.

Had it simply led to the Takis website, there would have been no CTA since most people buy Takis in the store. So by having this additional follow-up ad, Takis was able to have repeated contact with the user, making them more prone to remember the ad.

Takis Banner Ad Example

3. Pitch Perfect 3: Merry Pitchmas

This creative use of an AR filter allows viewers to don Beat-esque headphones while getting a reminder of the familiar voices of the Barden Bellas. The ad even allows for users to take a picture which allows the user to share a “Merry Pitchmas” picture of themselves on social media.

This ad is smart for two reasons:

    1. It gets the audience excited about the then-upcoming movie by sharing the Bellas singing their rendition of “Twelve Days of Christmas,” ending with the hilarious Rebel Wilson whispering her catchphrase “Crushed it”
    2. It allows viewers to engage with the ad and literally have a picture of the ad saved on their electronic devices and/or social media (thus, advertising with all their social media followers).

As a result, this ad doesn’t simply fade away from someone’s memory after they leave the webpage.

Pitch Perfect Display Ad Example

4. Bancolombia: Crash

According to 2019 stats, approximately 1.3 million people die every year – that’s approximately 3,287 people a day. Unfortunately, with the importance of automobiles in our culture, car crashes are, unfortunately, inevitable.

Bancolombia’s ads literally translate that into words. Visually, people see two cars who will inevitably crash into each other – it’s only a matter of time so be prepared.

This powerful message causes a sense of unease, which is delivered gently with the calming pastel colors, so that when people finally understand, they can see Bancolombia’s car insurance logo, leading them to wonder what the company can offer them.

Bancolombia Banner Ad Examples

5. Post It

In this age of advertisement, there is 1 important advice that everyone should heed: when buying underwear, buy it in incognito mode. Otherwise, you will have endless embarrassing moments of trying to hide the boxer banner ads that are bound to plague you for eternity.

So while most people associate cookies with these embarrassing moments, Post-It demonstrates that the usage of this technology doesn’t have to be these unfortunate events. With this ad, they used cookies to allow audiences to make virtual Post-Its on one webpage but still be able to see it on the next.

Combining engagement and pragmatism, this display ad example provides their viewers a virtual taste of how useful Post-its can be while eliminating the annoyance that people tend to have with banner ads. They’re one smart cookie 😉

Post-it Display Ad Examples

6. Adobe: Take It/Make It

Adobe has one of the most powerful marketing departments around. They’ve managed to associate their brand with software programs that are now must-haves in the creative industry.

By showing the difference from the “Take it” to the “Make it,” this display ad example reinforces this messaging by showing the necessity of their technology to produce creatives that meet the standards of today.

In essence, Adobe has integrated its products into the everyday process of taking a picture and is showing that here. That’s powerful.

Adobe Take It Make It Display Ad Examples

7. Fifty Shades Darker: Masquerade Ball

This display ad example is simply the definition of immersive. The 360 VR nature of the ad puts the viewer in the center of the Fifty Shades Darker’s Masquerade Ball set as the scene unfolds in front of the viewer’s own eyes.

Since users can look around them, the 360 nature of the ad expands the world of the film, since movies can’t show beyond the frames of each shot. This complete immersion into the film and the allowance for user engagement makes the ad more memorable while also piquing the interest of the viewer.

Universal Pictures 50 Shades Darker Display Ad Examples

8. Paramount Pictures: Pet Sematary

To promote its new film, Pet Sematary, Paramount Pictures released this 3D photo display ad.

The picture on its own is creepy enough, but when the yellow eyes begin to follow you around, it only intensifies the ad experience, ensuring that it will be a memorable one.

As Paramount realized, creating a memorable ad is important, and paring this particular creative with a 3D ad was a smart and bold choice.

Paramount Pictures Pet Sematary Display Ad Examples

9. Volkswagen: The New Golf

Whenever there are games in display ads, the ad’s performance tends to increase – this isn’t a coincidence. The best kind of ads are ones that encourage user engagement.

Volkswagen took advantage of this when they created an ad that was a semi-challenging 30 second car puzzle game. The game was achievable but took a few tries to win because of the 30 second time limit.

As a result, users tended to have repeated contact with the ad, which helped them to remember the ad itself after they moved on from that webpage.

Volkswagen Display ad examples

10. GlaxoSmithKline: Party

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

This ad screams click me. And not because it’s particularly colorful or interesting. It’s rather simple but clearly shows that there is a story to be told.

With an inside look into a person’s brain and a pill right at the lips of the person, one can’t help but want to know what happens when they drag the pill to the mouth. This ability to spark that curiosity in the audience is what makes this display ad example so effective. 

GlaxoSmithKline Display Ad Examples



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