Aperture, Live Focus and Portrait Image Depth Map Extractor

Automatically extract the depth map from your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Huawei, Honor, LG, Xiaomi, Pocophone, Nokia, Meizu, Vivo or Nubia photos. Edit your depth map and upload your 3D Photo onto Facebook today.

1) Send a depth-of-field-capable image* taken with your device to your computer through a channel that doesn't impact your file (like email).

2) Select the file using the button below.

3) Your depth map and original image will be automatically downloaded as a .zip file.

4) Extract your zip file. Drag and drop the two files into Facebook Status box. See gif below.

* Right now the format our extractor is supporting are: iPhone' Portrait, Samsung' Live Focus, Google Pixel' Portrait, Huawei' Aperture, Honor' Aperture, LG' Portrait, Xiaomi' Portrait, Pocophone' Portrait, Nokia' Portrait, Meizu' Portrait, Vivo' Portrait and Nubia' Portrait images. Support for another phone models is coming soon.

Tip: When you upload your 3D Photo via desktop, ensure you upload the two files with proper naming convention: PhotoName and PhotoName_depth

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